How it Works

Getting Started as an Employer

Search, Find & Hire Top Elite, Screened, Vetted and Veriifed Freelancers

Join today, start your hiring process by posting a detailed description of your project and its scope, tell us what you need done, how you want it to be done, your budget, milestones,  deadline and requirements from freelancers that would bid for your project.

Then, wait for freelancers to submit bids or browse through freelancers profiles and send them an offer to come work on your project. 

Alternatively, you could simply find & buy freelance services directly from top freelancers, through our freelancer service marketplace.

  • Post Project Description and put Budget in Escrow

    Post a Job/Project

    Enter a detailed description of your project, tell us the title of the project, project type, project duration, project type, project budget, milestones (if any), deadline etc. Deposit your project budget in escrow.

  • Review Freelancer Bids and Award the Project

    Hire a Freelancer

    After posting your project description, we review and verify it before it gets published to our freelancers. You will start getting bid notifications from freelancers, review and award to your preferred freelancer.

  • Authorize Funds Release on Project Completion

    Fund Release

    Once your chosen freelancer completes the project and you are satisfied with the deliverables, you get to authorize funds release to the freelancer. Should there be a dispute that couldn't be resolved amicably within 3 to 7 working days, either party can engage and initiate our paid arbitration service and we will ensure that the dispute is resolved promptly.


Earn with your Skills

Work Globally, Earn and get paid in Dollars!

Be you a newbie freelancer that is just starting out or an experienced freelancer who has been in the industry for some years, our platform connects you to millions of employers who need your services and are willing to pay you to work for them. Get paid directly into your Payoneer or Bank Account

  • Setup your Profile, Verify your Identity.

    Build your Resume

    Register for your Afriilancer account today, verify your email, upload a profile picture, tag line, profile description, skills, experience, location, hourly rate, payout account details etc. Upload your government issues means identification, we will review them and verify your identity.

  • Add your Services, Micro Services and Add-on Services.

    Tell Employers what you can do

    Add a detailed description of what you can do i.e. services, micro-services, add-on services, prices, response time, delivery time, service FAQ etc.

  • Accept Offers, Browse Pojects, Submit Proposals and Get to Work.

    Take on Jobs

    Once you have completed setting up your profile and verified your identity you can start accepting offers from buyers of your services and bid for projects by submitting your proposals. Carefully read and understand the project requirements first before submitting a proposal and be sure that you can deliver before accepting a project if awarded to you.


Boost your Projects, Profile & Services

Execute projects faster, Get more Visiblity, Get Featured, Get found Easily

The freelancing industry is a fiercely competitive one, for both employer and freelancers, to stand out either as an employer that freelancers want to work for or as a freelancer that employers want to work with, you need to constantly promote your project/profile and services to potential employers who need your services.

  • Get Featured and Be Seen

    Be Seen, Be Hired

    Get more views and visibility, by getting your profile and services featured on the homepage and pinned to the top of   freelancer search page and service search page.   This will increase the number offers you will receive on both services.

  • Put your Project on the Homepage

    , Get your Project done Faster!

    Get more views and visibility, by getting your projects  featured on the homepage and pinned to the top of the project search page. This will increase the number proposals you will receive and the turn around time it takes to get your project done.