Afriilancer Contests will host various competitions on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The goal of these competitions will be to keep participating freelancers engaged and rewarded while honing and improving their skill sets through the feedback they will get from other participating freelancers, the general public, our community and our esteemed panel of judges.

The prizes, rules, and terms for each contest will be different and they will be announced at the beginning of each contest. Participation in any contest is open to everyone, and optional for our registered and verified freelancers, so participating freelancers are advised to ensure that they read and understand the rules and terms of each contest before participating in any contest.

Individuals, organizations and communities that are interested in collaborating and/or sponsoring any of our contest should kindly reach out to us by sending an email to

We will be announcing the maiden edition of the Afriilancer Contest soon, so be on the look out and check back on this page soon.