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Animator / Illustrator / Graphics Designer
Email Verified Identity Verified Akugbe Osas

Animator / Illustrator / Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer/ Illustrator/ UX Designer/ Portrait Painter
Email Verified Identity Verified Winston Chidiadi

Graphics Designer/ Illustrator/ UX Designer/ Portrait Painter

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  • Business, HR, Admin & Legal Services 0 Listings

    Business services such as consulting, analytics, process automation, business development, accounting, auditing etc.

  • Sales & Marketing Services 0 Listings

    Sales & Marketing services like daily posting, community manager, facebook ads, instagram ads, google ads, funnel building, sales letters, content marketing etc.

  • Graphic Design 2 Listings

    Logo Design, Digital Banner Design, Poster Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design, Flyer Design, Advert Design etc

  • Mobile Apps & Games 0 Listings

    Mobile Apps, Games, React, NodeJs, JavaScript, Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova, Monaca etc.

  • Music & Audio Services 0 Listings

    Voice Over, Mixing, Mastering, OST, Composing, Foley, Sound Engineering etc.

  • Programming & Tech Services 1 Listings

    WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, NodeJs, Angular, React, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, PHP Developer, Java Developer, C#, C++, Go, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure, GCP, AWS, CI/CD, DevOps, Git, Ansible, Jenkins, SysAd, Active Directory.

  • Animation, Photo, Video & Image Services 3 Listings

    Motion Graphic, Design, Video Editing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Advert Design, Explainer Video.

  • Writing,Translation & Transcribing Services 1 Listings

    Proofreading, editing, content writing, transcribing, translation, authoring, ghost-writing, screen writing, script writing etc.

  • Architectural & Engineering Services 0 Listings

    Architectural & Engineering services such as building drawing, building designs, office design, electrical, mechanical, civil, procurement, HSE, water treatment, waste management, quantity surveying, land surveying, permits and approvals etc.

  • OnSite/Technical Services 0 Listings

    Onsite and technical freelance service provider that doesn't require employer physical supervision like plumbing, carpentry, building, real estate agents, developers, home tutoring, cleaning, gardening, maintenance, tiling, installation, decoration, cash washing, catering. etc

  • CRM/CEM/CSS Services 0 Listings

    Customer Support Service, Customer Relationship Management Service, Customer Experience Management Services e.g. Call Center Management, Telemarketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Support, Email Support, Ticket System Management, Order Fulfillment & Management etc.

  • Accounting & Finance Services 0 Listings

    Accounting & Finance services such as auditing. financial forecasting, tax compliance, international settlement, multi-currency remittance, cross-border trade, financial reporting, profit and loss, balance sheet, depreciation, loan management etc.

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